Our Covid 19 Operating Procedures

About Furtography Pet Pics

Hi I am Judi, the owner of Mannequin Madness and I am holding Ringo who helped me start Furtography Pet Pics.
I am wearing a mask because I started Furtography Pet Pics during COVID19.

While self-sheltering I realized the importance of a dog for peace of mind. Ringo is actually my neighbor’s dog. While I always LIKED to dog sit him, during COVID19 I NEEDED to dog sit.

I brought Ringo to my mannequin warehouse which was then closed except for shipping our online orders. To pass the time, I started taking photos of Ringo in our photo studio.

Being in the visual display industry we have lots of props at our warehouse, especially faux flowers. Normally we use the faux flowers for our Headdress Workshop classes. But since that too was closed, I asked my resident designer, Hector, to make floral collars for Ringo.

Then I read this article in Vogue that is it scientifically proven that flowers make you feel better.

I started having Hector make more floral collars for Ringo and a matching floral headdress for me

It was true, flowers lifted my mood. And when I would take Ringo out in public with his floral collar on everyone who saw him started to smile.

It was AHA moment, why not combine three things that make people feel better – flowers, fur babies and fotos!

So I decided to turn our photo studio into a Furtography Studio and include a free floral collar for each dog to wear during the shoot and keep as a souvenir.

This is one thing that made me happy during COVID19.